Mutual Exchange

If you are already a social housing tenant and hold a secure or assured tenancy (not a starter tenancy) you have a right to swap (mutually exchange) with another Housing Association or Council tenant.

You advertise your home to other tenants who are looking for a move.  If you find someone with whom you want to swap homes, your landlord will carry out some checks to make sure the properties are suitable for swapping and that there have been no problems with the tenancies.  If everyone is ok, you arrange a date for a move and off you go.

Visit where you can register and advertise your property. Aspire Housing tenants are able to register on Homeswapper for free. (your landlord may also subscribe to other mutual exchange schemes - ask them for details).

If you find a suitable tenant to swap with you, you must contact your own landlord to discuss this further. Some of your rights may be affected when you swap properties.