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Please log onto Midland Heart’s housing System Homes Direct to make an application onto the Housing register for Newcastle under lyme and surrounding areas.

How to apply for a home

To bid for properties on  Homes direct , you first need to register.

You can apply for a home by:

  • Completing the online Application Form click here
  • In person using the computer at the new NHA office; 61 – 63 Lower Street, Newcastle under Lyme Staffordshire, ST5 2RS.  Staff will be able to assist you but not complete the application  for you. If  you are unable to complete the form you may wish to ask a family member or Support worker.

Please provide as much information  and answer ALL the questions, this will enable us to deal with your application more effectively.

Your application will be assessed online  from the information you entered onto your online application.    If you are eligible for housing your application will be made live immediately.

Your application will be assessed in line with the Newcastle under Lyme Allocations policy.

If you have already submitted an application you may need  to update your application, You will need to log in and do this online.   You will require your log in  number and your memorable date.

If you have forgotten  your memorable date you can reset it online.

If you are having difficulties in registering then please contact 0345 60 20 540 for further advice.

Proofs to Support Application for Rehousing

Your application will also be assessed under Midland Hearts policy, this means that you may be eligible to bid  for properties in other areas.

Frequently asked Questions.

Bidding Questions

How do I place a bid?

Each housing application customer has a unique reference number you were given this when you registered, you need this and your memorable date to log onto the system to place a bid. This is unique to you.

If you have forgotten your log in details then please contact 0345 60 20 540

If you have forgotten your memorable date, you can change this on the online system.

There is a reference number for each available property advertised.

Bids can be placed over the internet via

Bids can also be placed using the public computer in the NHA office in Lower Street Newcastle where staff can assist you if needed.

When can I bid?

You can place bids from Wednesday to Sunday, it does not matter when a bid is placed during this time as priority is given by customers banding and registration date. You can not add a bid when after list has closed.

Why can’t I bid on a property?
Homes Direct will only allow customers to view and bid for properties that they are eligible for. If you think your application is incorrect then please log onto your application and check all your information is correct and update if necessary. Contact us if you still are having difficulties.
I have been offered a property can I still bid?
No, if you have been matched for a property you will not be able to continue to place any further bids.
How long will it take to get my Keys?

This depends on the Housing association as properties are not always ready, there is no set timescales. When you are matched for a property and all the necessary checks have been made NHA pass your information over to the Housing Association.

The Housing provider aim to contact you within 10 days. If you have any questions regarding the property please contact them directly.

Please contact the Housing provider directly if you have any questions on the properties being advertised.

Unreasonable bids

Please only bid on properties that you really are interested in moving to. Think about where it is, if you’re ready to move and if you’d be likely to accept it.

If you decline what we consider to be a reasonable offer, your application may be placed into a reduced band or suspended from the list for 6 months.

If you have been matched for a property we also ask you to get back to us within 48 hours of us contacting you, if we can not contact you or you fail to bring in requested information to us , it may result in suspension of your housing application or you being bypassed for the offer.

How do I know what I can bid for?

The property type you can bid for will be worked out on your household needs. For example; a young single person would be able to bid on flats and a family with dependent children would be eligible for a houses and flats. (Dependent on children’s ages and floor level) as per the eligibility criteria in the Allocations policy.

Your banding will be worked out on your housing circumstances so the higher your need is, the higher the band will be.

Homes direct will only allow you to bid on the property types you are eligible for.

Can children live in flats?

Yes, if you have a child under the age of 5 in a second floor flat or higher this will be taken into consideration when we award your band.

If you are in a flat and you have children who are 5 years or older, this will not be considered when we award your band.

What happens if I don’t bid?

If you don’t place a bid, we won’t consider you for any property.

How many bids can I place?

We don’t put a limit on the bids that you place but you need to be sure that you are interested in actually moving into the property that you’re bidding for. Unreasonable referrals or not responding to property offers can result in applications being suspended or your banding may be reduced.

What if I change my mind about a bid that I’ve placed?

Ideally you should only bid on properties that you think you would be prepared to move into. If you do place a bid on a property and then change your mind before the shortlist closes on a Sunday, you can remove the bid online.

Please be aware that if you are offered the property and you decline it if the reason you refuse is unreasonable your application may be suspended, so let us know as soon as possible if you know you don’t want the property.

Can my friend bid for me if I can’t do it?

Anyone can place a bid on your behalf but we can only give bid feedback to the actual applicant unless there is an advocacy set up on the application

Do I have to bid every week?

No; you don’t have to but you should only bid on properties that you are actually interested in. You won’t be penalized in any way if you don’t bid but you do need to keep your application updated to inform us of any changes of circumstances.

If you don’t place any bids at all, we won’t be able to offer you any properties.

How old do I have to be before I can apply for a bungalow?

You need to be 55 or over for a bungalow that is not part of a sheltered scheme sometimes properties are opened up to applicants of a lower age, you will need to check the individual adverts for information.

How old do I have to be before I can apply for a sheltered scheme?

Generally you need to be aged 60 or over but you may be considered on a case basis if you are under 60 and in receipt of DLA and would benefit from sheltered housing.

I am separated from my partner and my children visit at weekends and holidays – can I apply for an extra bedroom for them to stay?

No our Allocations policy does not allow for access arrangements.

I am pregnant with my first child – can I apply for a two bedroom property?

To be eligible for two bedrooms you need to produce your MATB1. Once we have received this your application will be changed to make you eligible for 2 bedroomed properties

There’s a property in a street that’s going to be empty. Can I bid for it?

You need to look or in the Freesheet for available properties.

You can only bid on a property once it has been advertised.

If the property is not advertised you may wish to ring the Housing association direct, it may be advertised with them directly, not all properties are advertised on Homes direct.

What if a property has a mobility sign?

If you are eligible for the property type you will be able to bid on it but preference will be given to applicants whose medical or mobility needs match the adaptations in the property.

What if I have pets?

There are symbols on the adverts to show you what you can or cannot bid for if you have pets. This is because there are different policies relating to pets for each of our different Housing Association Partners. These symbols generally relate to cats and dogs. They would not need to know if you have smaller pets such as fish, birds or hamsters for example.

Offered a property?

You have been offered a property but it’s not ready yet, can you carry on bidding?
No, you will not be allowed to place any further bids if you have been matched for a property.

If the property will not be ready for a very long time and you want to be considered for other properties. You may have the option of turning the offer down and bidding again. However, we can not tell you how long it will take to be offered another property because it depends on the location and who else is also bidding.

How do you decide who gets the property?

Once the cycle closes NHA will go through the shortlist to see who is successful.

The shortlist will automatically place applicants in order of need according to band and waiting time. (Band 1 will be considered first) We will also consider people with a Local Connection before those who don’t have one.

What if I’m at the top of the list for more than one property that I’ve bid for?

NHA will contact you to ask which property you prefer. We will always try to give you the choice between the properties, however, if we cannot contact you we may make a decision based on your application details so that we don’t delay an offer of property for another applicant.

I think I’d have been successful for this property – why haven’t you asked me to view it?

If your bid has been successful but have arrears from another tenancy you may be bypassed for the nomination , you will need to clear the arrears or set up a payment plan to clear the arrears

If you are a current Aspire Tenant your rent account will need to be paid up to date or you may not be offered a viewing.

If you are a current Aspire Tenant and you have not passed a home inspection, you may also be overlooked.

If you are already ‘on offer’ for another property, we will not offer another one to you.

Have you got a local connection? You may not have been considered as highly as you thought because we will consider applicants with a local connection before those without.